Long since I can remember, I have always been addicted to television. I'm not proud of it, honestly but watching movies and series is the only thing that makes me feel good, when I'm sad, I just turn on my laptop, in my bed and watch something, anything fun and I automatically feel better. It does'nt take away what is making me sad but the sadness goes away.

Last week, I was bored and dull and I had watched every single new and interesting movie I had bought and having nothing to watch was killing me until my friend gave me SUPERNATURAL 6 TO 10. The last time I watched Supernatural, I was a child and it scared me so much that I was afraid of the dark for some time. A little traumatic.

But this week, I enjoyed watching it. I mean it's a little unrealistic and far fetched but Hey... Love the imagination. Angels. Demon. Gods. Vampires. Shapshifters. Witches. Hunters. The Winchesters. I love it. I love them. But the fact that everyone they know ends up dead is so sad. But honestly, it is so... I Can't Even!!!!!

What if Supernatural was real? Maybe some of it really is real but what if all of it was real? The world is already dark as it is but imagine all that darkness wandering among us?

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